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Most of us use the Internet binary options south africa on a daily basis and for people, it’s an integral part of daily life. If you work online, you need your Internet connection to run quickly and efficiently so you can make a good income with minimal interruptions. For those that use the Internet for socialization and shopping, browsing should be secure and safe to prevent fraud and identity theft. No matter what your reasons for using the Internet might be, we want to make sure you use it to the best of you ability.

At Browser Recon, we will teach you the ins and outs of online security. From downloading software programs binary options trading to playing web based games, we will point out the risky programs and teach you the safest way to approach the time you spend online. At Browser Recon, we are constantly looking out for new computer viruses and scams that could be harmful. Stay tuned for the latest browser security news!

Writing E-Cigarette Reviews Has Made Me Appreciate Vaping


My online security trading binary options job isn’t the most exciting job in the world, there’s lots of time when I have to be at work, but there really isn’t that much to do, so I look for something to occupy my mind. A few weeks ago, I looked down at the electronic cigarette I was holding in my hand and realized that I should write a vaporfi starter kit review to post online.

The great thing about writing e-cigarette reviews is that it actually changed the way I thought about the electronic cigarettes I use while working online security. Prior to writing the reviews, I was pretty bad about taking the devices for granted. If someone had asked me what I liked about my electronic cigs, I think the best answer I could have come up with was that I changing to the battery powered devices has helped me save an enormous amount of money. Money I’m currently setting aside so I can treat my family to a Hawaiian vacation.

Another thing I realized I really liked about the electronic cigs is that I’m wasting anything. I can’t count the number of times when I accidently ruined a pack of cigarettes by setting them on the roof of my car while searching for my car keys and then driving off with the pack still on the roof, or was forced to dispose of a half smoked cigarette. Considering how much each pack cost, the financial pain was pretty intense. When writing my e-cigarette reviews I realized there’s no waste at all. I get to inhale every single drop of vapor I purchase.

The other thing I discovered while composing my e-cigarette reviews is that I like how convenient the vaporizers are. As long as I remember to keep the battery charged, they’re always ready to use. The company I purchase my e-cigs from even has a program that ships additional vapor juice cartridges to me on a routing basis so I don’t even have to think about ordering. Whenever I need more juice, it’s always on hand. I wish other aspects of my life ran as smoothly.

One of the things that I’ve learned since I posted a few of my e-cigarette reviews online is that the electronic cig community is a really close knit bunch. As soon as my review went live lots of people not only left an encouraging comment, but also provided the names of some chatrooms and blogs I should check out. I followed the advice and have now made several different friends in the community who have recently encouraged me to not only write more reviews about the brand of e-cig I use, but to also contact some other companies and seeing if they would like me to review their product as well.

Since the idea of being able to try several different kinds of e-cigs seems exciting, I think I’m going to take my friends advice.

Three Internet Security Tips Everyone Needs to Adhere to


The internet has altered our lives in ways that we couldn’t fully understand when it was first developed. While it has improved our lives in many ways, it has also made it possible for hackers to gain all sort of access to files they wouldn’t have been able to touch prior to the internet, including our financial records and personal information. The key to making sure you don’t fall victim to a computer hacker is staying on top of your internet security and keeping yourself protected.

The first thing you need to do is rein back your tendency to overshare. As a society, we’ve become entirely too relaxed about what we tell people, especially when we’re posting on a social media site. Never lose sight of the fact that not only do you not fully know many of the people you’re corresponding with, but you don’t even know if they’re really who they say they are. Be careful that you don’t accidently provide any information that could be used against you, such as your location, personal information about your kids, and even employment info. If you’re in doubt about whether or not you should share something, it’s usually best to restrain yourself.

When you’re using a public internet network, such as the one at your favorite coffee shop, stay away from your personal accounts, such as your banking sites and business records. This prevents anyone from stealing the information as you log into the account. You should also make sure you haven’t turned on your computer’s sharing feature while you’re on the public network.

Have a good quality anti-virus system installed on your computer and update it every few days. Sticking to these three tips goes a long way towards keeping you safe while you’re online.

Computer Safety for Kids


More and more children are being gifted tablets and smart phones at young ages. While technology is great, there are also dangers to kids having all of that in the palm of their hands. Here are some tips to help keep your kids safe when using computers, tablets, or other devices.

Only allow them to visit approved (by you!) websites. This will help (although not totally prevent) keep them from seeing inappropriate content or things that are to mature for them.

Do NOT allow your child to have a social media account. Age limits are there for a reason, and too many kids have profiles on those sites that open the door for things like cyber bullying, over sharing of photos, and other problems. Kids sometimes just don’t have the mental filter necessary to know what is appropriate to post online and what isn’t.

Don’t allow computers or tablets, etc., in their rooms. Keep the family computer in the main areas of the house. Living room, dining room, or other central locations. This will allow you to monitor use and keep an eye on what is going on.

Don’t give kids smart phones. There’s no way to block the internet, and some of the apps they are able to download are just plain inappropriate for kids. They might feel like they are the only ones on the block without one, but they will thank you when they are adults.

Being smart about computer safety doesn’t mean your kids won’t get access to the Internet ever, it just means that you are smart about the sites you let them visit, and the things they do online. Be safe!

Do you Need Anti-Virus Software on Your Computer?


It seems like every time we turn on the television or pick up a newspaper, we’re hearing about some new computer virus that has the potential to destroy our computers. The problem with the constant barrage of computer virus news is that they’re so frequent it’s easy to dismiss them and become blasé about whether or not you really need to have an anti-virus program on your computer, this is especially true when you consider how much some of the programs charge to protect your computer each month.

Whether or not you need to have an anti-virus program on your computer depends on how it’s used.

If you have a computer that you never bring online or that never shares any type of files with another computer, than you can probably get away with not installing an anti-virus program on it. However, if your computer does not have such limited use, you need to make arrangements to have it protected.

The good news is that protecting your computer from viruses doesn’t necessarily mean you need an expensive anti-virus program installed on it. In most cases one of the free options you can find online will serve you quite well.

Since most computer viruses are spread via email, whatever program you decide to use, has to have a really good system for checking every single email that comes into your mailbox. In addition to alerting you that you’ve gotten a bad email, the program should also eliminate the threat.

The program you use should also automatically update so you never have to worry about whatever virus is currently making the rounds. Having the updates set to automatic means you’ll never have to worry about a threat.

If you file share with friends, make sure your program scans each file before you open it, and make sure you’re friends have taken steps to protect their computers.

The Importance of Online Security


It has been quite a few years since the first time that I used the internet. As a matter of fact I don’t remember the first time that I logged on, but I think it might have been when I was in college. I don’t want to date myself, but it seems like the internet was pretty new, or at least to the mainstream, when I was a freshman. I was lucky that I had a computer at that time, but I was not really aware of how dangerous the internet might become a couple decades later.

So I did date myself, but that is okay, because it shows just how much the internet has changed in a relatively short amount of time. Though kids today wouldn’t say it, the internet is still fairly young and new. Of course there are people who have never known a life without being logged on, but there are still a lot of people who haven’t even tried to get online and have no interest to do so.

The point is, with kids going online younger and younger, it is very important that we talk to children about the important of being secure while on their computers, phones or tablets. Online security is not just about keeping financial information secure, but also about keeping personal information secure as well. We wouldn’t give out addresses or phone numbers to just anyone on the internet and we need to make sure that our kids are not doing this either. There may even be instances where the kids should not even tell other people online their first and last names. Scary people can find out a lot about you with only a little bit of information to go on.

Computer Security Tips for Personal Computers


Considering how much you use your personal computer and the type of information you have saved there, you can’t afford to take the matter of computer security lightly. You need to make sure that you have at least a few basic security measures in place. The last thing you need is for some hacker to access your files and download all of your personal information.

The biggest mistake that people make is not bothering to renew their anti-virus software. Even the most basic anti-virus software programs do a really good job of catching most problems and will keep both your identity and your computer safe. Just make sure that you only purchase the software from a really reputable source. You should also make sure that the program you use protects your email account which is how many viruses first infect personal computers.

Every month or so, you should sit down and check to make sure that the firewall you’ve set up for your personal computing system is in good working order. This is your first line of defense against hackers and it needs to be a good one. Many experts recommend that you have both software and hardware firewalls in place.

Yes, Windows updates can be a real pain, but the last thing you want to do is stop getting them. Each of these updates is designed to protect you and your computer from the most recent computer threats. To make sure that the updates, which sometimes require that you restart your computer and can be time consuming don’t interrupt your day is to schedule them for a period of time when you don’t use your computer.

When you have taken these three steps, you can relax when using your computer.

Gun Holsters For Concealed Carry When Security Matters


Browser security was never a real big deal for me. I was never truly concerned about the computer freezing up and I never thought it would be a problem for me. I have heard hundreds of people say that it could happen to anyone but I have to admit that I am not a person that watches Internet porn so I didn’t think it would happen to me. I mention that simply because we all know that porn sites are the number one cause of Internet hacker issues. So as you can see I had no issues with browser security. Until I started looking for gun holsters for concealed carry. I know this sounds weird but that is the time when I learned that my computer had been hacked. I felt so violate and I did not know where to go for help. You might be asking yourself how this happened so let me flesh it out for you. I was looking for a few new gun holsters for concealed carry. I have several different handguns, as does my wife, and we were needing some new holsters. So I was spending a good deal of time looking through all the sites and trying to find the best information.

Gun holsters for concealed carry does not seem like a hot button issue and it certainly does not look like a term that would be associated with Internet hacks. But yet I was soon hacked. After visiting a few of these sites I was noticing that the computer was acting odd. It was not loading well and the screen was starting to flicker somewhat. After a few more moments I realized that the computer had been hacked and that a virus was now eating the mainframe. I was scared. What if I lost all my work? What if the files I have are compromised? What if that video of the wife and me is located and distributed online? I did not know where to go for help.

All of this happened because I was looking for gun holsters for concealed carry. I would have never guessed this to be a topic that would intrigue hackers but I guess I was wrong. So what did I do? As luck would have it my brother in law is a computer tech guru. I was able to call him up and explain the issues to him. I told him that I was not looking at porn, and he was able to see from the history that I wasn’t. I told him that I was simply looking for new gun holsters for concealed carry and that I was immediately violated. He explained the real issues here and then he was able to fix the computer. I would like to urge all people to take browser security more seriously than I did. It might just change your life and it could save your marriage.

A Crash Course on Computer Viruses


From the time I was a young kid I was never sure why a computer could get sick. I guess I would still fall into that category. I have yet to fully grasp how a computer can catch a virus and I really do not understand what a virus really is. I have been told that a virus is just a bunch of random code that overrides the existing OS. While this makes sense to me, I wonder why a computer manufacturer has not written a code into their own products that will keep viruses from being an issue. I know I am not that smart about computers but why would they not make their OS immune to attacks? It seems that if you can write a code that affects other code, and then you should be able to write a code that will not respond to anything else. I know this might be wrong but what am I missing? Why is this such a big deal? Why are there so many viruses and where are they coming form?

Many will suggest that the most active virus makers are the Russians and the Chinese. They are said to be engaged in a cyber war that could cripple the United States. I think that the creators of computer viruses should be tried and confined to prison. I think some of them should be exiled. Computer viruses are nothing more than sophisticated peeping toms. Peepers used to use ladders and binoculars to see naked women as they changed clothes. That is the same thing they are doing today with these viruses. They are stealing things that are not there’s to steal and they need to be punished.

Using Herbal Incense to Calm Anxiety


I have been working in the internet security field for the past five years. The thing I most like about the job is that both the salary and the benefits are really good. I make more money and enjoy a higher quality of life than many of my friends who have more education than I do will ever be able to hope for.

I also enjoy the fact that I have a job that let me work out of my own home. If I don’t want to, I can even work while wearing my pajamas, something I’d never be able to do if I had a more traditional job. What I don’t like about the job is that I spend a lot of time on my own. This tends to make me anxious. The lonelier I get, the more neurotic I become. Over the years, I’ve developed a few different coping mechanisms.

The first thing I learned when I started working in the internet security field is that whenever I’m not on the clock, I should make an effort to hang out with people. It doesn’t matter if it’s going on a date or just getting together with some friends for a pizza and movie night, hanging out during my off hours makes it possible for me to endure the time by myself as I work.

I have also learned that just because I have the ability to work at my home it doesn’t mean I have to. I can load up my equipment and grab a little corner table at the local coffee shop and work during business hours. I’m not directly interacting with people, but at least I can feel and hear them all around me and this makes me feel less alone.

The third trick I’ve learned is actually something my brother taught me. When I feel my nerves starting to get all tied up in knots and imagining worse case scenarios, I burn some herbal incense. I can’t believe how much this helps. As soon as the herbal incense fumes start to scent the air, I can feel tension draining out of my muscles and my mind becomes a little quieter. Now, whenever I decide that I’m going to work at home rather than heading to the coffee shop, the first thing I do before booting up my computer is burning a little incense. It’s made a huge difference.

Although I’ve tried all different kinds of herbal incense, my favorite is K2 incense. I love this stuff. It’s a synthetic marijuana that works beautifully. It’s affordable, easy to use, and does a great job at helping my mind focus on what’s important, rather than creating imaginary scenarios.

Computer Virus Can Spread Rapidly


It is not a good feeling when you are using your computer and all of a sudden it starts acting crazy and creating havoc for you. This is especially true if you work relies on a computer. We have all dealt with computer viruses at one time or the other and once you know how they are spread you may be able to avoid them once and for all. Computer virus can spread quite rapidly if you are not careful. Let’s take a look at how this can happen to you and ways you can avoid it.

Email attachments are one way computer viruses are spread although they are less of a problem these days than they were in the past. The main rule you should remember when it comes to email attachments is if you don’t know what an attachment is, don’t open it.

Rouge websites are another cause of computer viruses these days. It’s a sad truth that many gambling websites as well as adult content websites are set up just to cause your computer harm and to steal all your vital personal information. Be careful which websites you visit.

Sometimes friends and family can send us a computer virus without us even knowing they are doing so. They don’t even know they are doing it. Many times Face book will send inbox messages to folks with your loved ones name and picture attached to it so it seems harmless. If you get something that look suspicious from a friend or family member be sure not to click on any links that start with .exe or .dll. because it may be a virus just waiting to attack your computer.

Online Security Tips When You Buy Electronic Cigarettes


The world that we live in is connected. Never before has every facet of life been so watched, listened to, and talked about. How is all of this possible? Thanks to the Internet and the plethora of social media outlets, people are now finding themselves in what would have at one time been considered a science fiction movie. Every move we make and every step we take is being watched or reported about in some capacity. And while this might not seem like a bad thing, you must keep in mind that your personal data is also vulnerable. While the Internet has provided great benefits in the realms of information gathering and technology, it has also led to the rise in cyber crime such as identity theft. This is what I would like to speak on for just a moment.

As an avid user of electronic cigarettes I have learned that there is no better way to procure my cartridges and liquids than by using the Internet. Not only is the shopping easier, but I do not have to deal with rude clerks, hateful people, long lines, or anything else related to retail shopping. It is also a much cheaper process since I do not have to pay sales tax. Add all of these up and it creates a wonderful environment for doing business. So for the past 3 years I have been using the Internet to purchase all of my ecig supplies and I could not be happier. However there are a few concerns that I wanted to share with you, as well as a few tips for being more secure when you purchase your products online.

First, always make sure that you are frequenting a reputable dealer when you purchase online. As we all know, the ecig market has exploded the past few years and this has led to some serious thievery and misrepresentation by some in the online formats. The best advice I can give you is to purchase only from trusted sites that have encrypted protection and money back guarantees. This is the best way to avoid falling into the traps of cyber criminals. It could also help avoid any potential identity theft.

Second, when you decide to purchase your products online you need to make sure that you are only doing it on a computer that belongs to you or a trusted friend/family member. The reasons for this are many but lets just say that recovering any data that has been placed on a computer is not all that hard to do. If you are using a library or public hotspot to order your supplies you could be alerting would be criminals to take notice of your accounts.

Finally, I have noticed that several newer companies are offering live chat sessions with their clients. This sounds good but it could also lead to more issues. Make sure, again, that you are only dealing with a trusted and reputable dealer when you engage in online communication. You might end up saving your banking information or even your own life.

Internet Security For Teens


If you have children in your home that uses the computer you need to make sure they are wise and that they are safe. Many teenagers that use social media today do so without worry of anything bad happening but many of these teens are a bit naive if you ask me.

Internet security is not hard if you are just willing to teach your children some basic safety tips. First of all I would suggest that your child not use their real name on any social media accounts. Make it fun for them and tell them to pick their favorite movie star and change the name up a bit so that it will be acceptable to use. Also I would suggest never letting your child include their address or phone number online. No matter how bad they want their friends to be able to find them online they need to know that folks who are not their friends will be able to find them as well and they need to take precautions so that this doesn’t happen.

Another good way to stay safe on the internet is to never announce that you are going on vacation on a social media page. I know that we all like to tell others of our joyous occasions and sometimes we all like to brag but if you can keep your child from doing so, you will be able to rest easy knowing your home is safer that way. Many times folks who are up to no good will look for someone to post they are going on a trip so that they can break in their homes while they are gone. Don’t be the next victim.

Top 3 Ways To Protect Your Identity Online


We are all very careful when it comes to keeping our credit cards, license and money safe in our wallets but are we just as safe when it comes to protecting our identity online? My bet is we are not. In this blog post we are going to look at the top 3 ways to protect your identity online.

One thing that I do that is wrong when it comes to email is use the same password for everything. This is NOT a good idea and after doing some research I have decided to make all new passwords for my accounts. Make sure also to regularly change your passwords and make them diverse enough that a hacker cannot figure out what they are.

If you register for something online perhaps you should use an alias email account. If you trust the sight in which you are registering it may be alright to use your personal email account but if you have any doubts at all you should use a separate email only for registering and ordering things online. Do not ever in any circumstance give out information via email such as your driver’s license number, your social security number, date of birth, home address or passwords.

Another way to protect your identity online is to adjust your settings on any social media that you use. I have my accounts set to private where only the people I have as “friends” can see my information. Social media is constantly changing their security however so it is important to keep up with these changes so that you don’t leave your personal information exposed for all the world to see.

Teach Kids About Internet Safety


If you have children then you want to keep them at all costs. We do our very best to make sure that our kids don’t run out into the street when they are young and to keep them safe from strangers but many of us don’t do our part to keep our kids safe when online. It is very important to teach our kids about internet safety.

I would recommend that if you let your child use the internet that you keep very close tabs on him or her. It is very easy to type something harmless into a search engine and bring up all sorts of nasty stuff that you surely don’t want your child seeing, so be sure to keep close tabs on what they are doing.

If your child uses social media you are going to want to monitor their every move. Sure your child is going to resist this but you need to keep a firm hand on the situation. Social media has a way of coming back to haunt you and you don’t want this happening to your child. Tell your child what he or she is allowed to post on social media and make sure to be strong in your guidelines. Do not be vague or you will find that they have gone around your vagueness and posted things that you do not approve of. Children want boundaries so be sure to give them especially regarding the internet.

Once you have laid the ground rules for your child or children to follow concerning the internet they are likely to follow them. Once you have taught them what they can and cannot do, your worries won’t have to be so worrisome.